• Jan 24, 2024
  • 10 min read
Clip recipes from the web with the Saverd Recipe Clipper

Recipe Clipper for Chrome, Edge and Brave Browsers Released!

Download it here: Saverd Recipe Clipper

Before Saverd many of us had our recipes in physical recipe boxes. But we also had them as notes on our computer or in our mobile phones in random note apps. We also had bookmarks to our favorite recipes scattered across our computers in numerous browsers and if we forgot to sync those browsers they were lost every time we got a new computer or did a fresh install.

Those days are over. It’s all in one place now. The Saverd Recipe Clipper works on thousands of recipe sites on the internet. The extension allows Saverd users to “clip” recipes from the web. The clipped recipes are automatically saved to the user’s recipe box on Saverd

Setup is quick and easy.

For help setting up the clipper in your browser visit our Help Center here: Setting up the Saverd Recipe Clipper