• Jan 25, 2024
  • 2 min read
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New Feature: Find and Share Your Recipes with Hashtags

Hashtags are here and the improvement to search is immense.

‍ You may have noticed that the food categories in Saverd are concise and not editable. This is by design as adding more and more categories has been shown to make finding things harder as items become overly classified. Often too, recipes can be classified in multiple ways and we sometimes even change our mind as to what those categories are called.

So we created a somewhat indisputable list of categories (a few more are coming - we see you Jams and Jellies) that any food or beverage would fall under and then backed that up with powerful search. However, users still want to classify or tag their recipes the way that they want.

Enter hashtags.

If you’ve used Twitter™ then you know how they work. Simply enter a hashtag in your recipe box search and see everything with that tag. Click a category to further reduce your search. Finding exactly what you’re looking for has never been easier. And it works when searching outside of your recipe box too. Search your feed in the exact same way!

‍ Here’s an example. ‍

Suppose you have a recipe for an appetizer that you make with your family every Christmas. Just tag it with #Christmas in the description. Now you can search #Christmas and click on each category to see recipes you’ve identified with the holiday. In this case, you would select “Appetizers”. Then there’s things like #keto or #bbq or #brunch. The possibilities are endless.