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Sometimes, you just want the recipe.

Saverd is a free, no-nonsense, online recipe box built for people who cook.

Save recipes from anywhere.
Accessible everywhere.
Online recipe organizer mobile app for iphone

Clip recipes from the web

Save recipes from your favorite recipe sites with the click of a button. The whole recipe is saved and the url is saved too so you can reference the details later.

Compatible with most browsers
Easy to install and use
Works on hundreds of recipe sites

Organize with ease

Use our built in categories and supplement with your own custom hashtags. #holidays #bbq or anything you can think of.

Simplify your organization
Easily change the scope of your search
Compliment with your own hashtags

No clutter. Just recipes.

No printouts. No bookmarks. No social media. Just one single place for all your recipes wherever they come from. Fast, easy, and safe. Forever.

Straight to the recipe without the fuss
Fast and Secure
Easy to share

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